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We are proud to present in the Israeli market advanced simulation solutions from CAE, one of world leaders in medical simulation and training solutions.
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Hyper-realistic manikins
Newsimed is official distributor of Medical-X hyper-realistic manikins and advanced simulation solutions in the Israeli market.
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Practicing on the phantoms we market greatly improves your ability to understand Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT scans
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Wearable simulators
We proudly present wearable simulators. Your medical simulation will never be the same when you practice with a combination of a human actor wearing an advanced simulator.
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About us ...

NEWSIMED is affiliated with Laviv Emergency Medicine Ltd., a trusted supplier of medical equipment & training in Israel & abroad. NEWSIMED was established to focus on Simulation solutions in all fields, research and supply of simulation products in the medical and other fields. In addition, NEWSIMED specializes in the marketing of innovative products and solutions, in all areas of medicine (and more)

Future is here

We offer advanced realistic patient manikins, skills training simulators and medical simulation debriefing software.

Simulation for rent

We rent our simulation facilities for medical conferences, training for healthcare providers and as exhibition centers. Many of the simulators can also be rented.

Our Customers

our leading team

Shmuel Shaulson

CEO, Co-Founder

Shmuel has extensive experience in emergency medicine, and has taught EMT & first aid instructors’ courses since 2004. He has acted as an adviser to various government bodies regarding emergency medicine, and is an active member of the international SSF Rescuers Without Borders.

Eyal Booton

Co-Founder & Managing director

Eyal served in the Israeli Air Force as an air crew member, and as part of his service he instructed air crews in dedicated and sophisticated simulators in various areas of air warfare. Eyal has been involved in the design of systems for command and control in several areas, and recently chose to focus on the field of health and medical training.

Gideon Larionov

Director of Simulation and Media

Join us in medical simulation revolution

רוצים להכיר מקרוב את הסימולטורים שלנו? מתכננים לפתוח מרכז סימולציה וצריכים יעוץ? יש לכם מוצר סימולטיבי מהפכני או הצעה לשיתוף פעולה?
צרו איתנו קשר עוד היום

Working hours

Sunday - Thursday: 8:30-15:30 Hrs

We are here

22 Harimon, Aseret, Israel
Phone: 054-2587080
Email: [email protected]

Warehouse: 20 Kehilath Zion Afula, Israel

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